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About Us

Our Online Community is designed to foster conversation, education, and support for those who share our passion for a sustainable, flourishing, nature-connected future.

The Resilient Activist's mission is to build resilience, optimism, and hope in response to the impact of the climate crisis. We provide community-building programs that offer inspiration, self-care, and mental health support. Our programs are immersed in deep nature connection and designed to nourish positive ecological change. 

Why You Should Join Us

If you've ever wished you had access to a community of activists - those who are working to 

a) repair the health of our environment, 

b) mitigate the ecological and social justice impacts of climate change, 

c) shift policies, laws, and ways of being to a more compassionate, nature-connected, regenerative world ...

If you have experienced anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, or grief due to social injustices and ecological destruction ... 

          then you've come to the right place. Welcome.

The world needs inspired and visionary activists who have the resilience to see us through these unprecedented times.

Who is in that photo?

Our enthusiastic supporters, committed board members, inspired core team, visionary activists, amazing volunteers, gracious professional guides, and gifted bloggers: These folks are the roots of our organization's success.